I’ve struggled to find time to write over the last few weeks. The garden is blooming and planting out seedlings, weeding, watering and using up the veg has taken up much of my time. The house is being dismantled day by day as the plans for the house are coming to fruition. The builders are here most days and the children have the constant entertainment of diggers and workmen. Katie has the entertainment of dirt heaps and gravel piles. I have the task of keeping her and Sherlock safe from the building site, which they both find hugely interesting.

Jonathan has been undertaking a building project of his own and has built a fantastic play area for the younger children. This area will come into its own once the extension and patio are complete. The play area will be perfectly situated in our newly formed, enclosed back garden, allowing us to eat and drink without fear that a small child will find their way to the ponds.

As there is little I can do to contribute to the building, I have been focusing on decluttering the house in preparation for the internal work taking hold over the main rooms. Phil’s really helped recently, in my pursuit of organisation. My airing cupboard was looking quite messy and it was a job on my list to sort it, Phil must have known because I came in one day to discover the entire contents of the airing cupboard upturned on Katie’s bedroom floor! The bathroom man had needed to access the pipes in the airing cupboard and so my sheets needed moving in a hurry. Anyway, the airing cupboard is looking a lot neater, for now 😉.

Yesterday Phil motivated me to organise the shoes. The builder decided that yesterday was the day to take our hallway to pieces, which required the removal of all shoes and clutter.

I came back from our home ed group to a giant pile of shoes to sort through. Today was largely spent organising the shoes, but still, that’s another job done.

Katie’s growing quickly and that’s freeing me up to do more of the driving to take the children to their activities, as she no longer needs me quite so much and Phil can sometimes do bedtime. Although we have been here quite a while, with lockdowns and a baby, I have left Phil to do much of the driving, leaving me slightly confused as to the location of places. Driving is proving to be a new and interesting experience, because navigating my way around a new area is something I am still adjusting to. I stubbornly don’t use SatNav because I prefer to find my own way, but we also haven’t got round to buying a paper road map, so it is more guess work than accuracy. This is leading to some long, but beautiful drives around the Shropshire countryside 🙂. I think I’m starting to get to grips with the area now, it’s certainly more relaxing getting lost down country lanes, than in the middle of suburbia.

I hope to find time to write a bit more over the next few weeks, but we’ll see how things go. If you want to receive an email when a new post is added, please subscribe to the blog, by clicking on subscribe in the top section of the home page and following the instructions.

4 thoughts on “Busy Summer Days

  1. Rebecca Roberts says:

    Was so lovely to meet you and the little ones today at the park, will be having a good read of your blog and watching you on catch up 🙂

    • Vicki Goldby says:

      Rebecca, I’m so glad you found the blog! It was great to chat today, it’s always good to meet like minded souls.

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