Many of you have been asking us when the revisit will be on TV, well, we finally have a date. It will air this Friday, 28th April at 8pm on Channel 5. It was filmed February 2021, so it will be somewhat out of date, but it will be interesting to look back. It was filmed during a winter lockdown and so it was a very strange time.

I am curious to see how they edit it, as we have no idea how it will turn out. I remember that during the interview we were keen to be real, hopefully that will come across in the right way. We don’t want anyone to think that moving to the country is all roses around the door. If you want to know more about why we moved to the country, this blog post tells all,

When thinking about the final edit, I pondered what the TV programme will miss….the less than beautiful vision of me first thing in a morning, in my PJs with builders all over the house and a small child yelling that they’d finished on the loo and could I please come. They never filmed me dealing with said child as I then tried to wash my hands and realised that the plumber has just turned off the water. The TV won’t reveal the layers of plaster dust. They never filmed me running back and forth to the utility from our makeshift kitchen to get water, with Katie and Michael glued to my leg, or the stress of me trying to cook a daily meal for 11 with no dishwasher, and the sink at the other end of the house, with a wet concrete floor in the middle of the house. Thankfully they didn’t catch me stealing a quiet moment in the store room, sitting on a huge bag of flour eating my favourite dark chocolate.

The TV programme was really fun to do and a great memory, but real life is messy and ours is no different. I’m not sure if people want to see reality though, or do they prefer inspirational television showing a glossy version of a real life?

I’m real though and I’m determined to not hide behind a TV facade. I would never want someone to see our programme and believe that their life will be wonderful if only they live in the country. I think it’s important for each of us to ‘bloom where we are planted’. Whether we live in the town or the country, this is only our temporary home, our real home is Heaven and until we get there, no location will truly scratch the itch that longs for something better.

We got a country life for half the price, but the cost of living in Heaven is free, the price has been paid for us, all we have to do is accept the gift. By believing that the real person Jesus Christ, died to pay the price for the wrong things we’ve done, we can get so much more than a good life here on earth, we will get eternal life in a place more beautiful, more peaceful and more joyful than we can ever dream of.

If you’re curious about how I made the leap of faith and put my total trust in God, this post covers it,

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Sending God’s richest blessings to all our readers.