White as Snow

The world I awoke to
Full of fear and despair,
Held hostage our hopes,
It seemed with no care.

Then the snow that fell gently,
Told what Christ has done,
How God covered our sins
With the blood of his Son.

You see snow fell this morning
And covered the dirt,
It covered the earth,
Like Christ’s blood covers hurt.

But there ends the analogy,
For snow melts away,
The dirt still lies hiding,
To see the next day.

But our sin is erased,
Disappeared for all ages,
We can all start afresh,
Like a book’s crisp new pages.

This year we can see
Our new story unfold,
It will be a new start,
Not with patterns of old.

Those days are forgotten,
When we ask Jesus in,
He forgives all the past,
He covers over our sin.

We cannot predict,
What this year has planned,
But with God as our Father,
We are safe in his hands.

So call out to Jesus,
Ask him into your heart,
Make this new year,
Full of joy from the start.

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