This is for all parents who are currently ready to tear their hair out with children at home all day and struggling with home schooling.

I wrote this poem 11 years ago when I had little experience home educating and 4 children 7 and under, and no big children to help me. Some days still feel like this, but now I know that they pass and that God is refining me and growing my patience through every trial.

Remember to Pray

I feel the fight
From the start of the day,
I don’t want to get up,
I try to delay.

Then the children descend
In great one big heap,
It’s not fair I cry,
I just want to sleep.

I feel in my soul
There’s a battle within,
And prayer is my weapon,
With which God can win.

The battle continues,
As schoolwork commences,
My son has a strop,
He puts up his defences.

‘I don’t like this work,
I won’t do it today,
This is too hard,’
I hear him say.

I know he can do it,
It’s just so frustrating ,
What more can I try,
To be motivating?

Every day I wish he’d
Work on his own,
But he just isn’t ready,
To do it alone.

So once I accept
He wants me by his side,
My frustration and anger
Begin to subside.

A new challenge arises
As toddlers unite,
They’ve been making a mess,
I’m not up for the fight.

There’s dolls, clothes and puzzles,
There’s pens, books and toys,
I can’t hear myself think
Above the noise.

So I call out to Jesus,
Turn frustration to prayer,
And the day turns around,
As He carries my cares.

So tomorrow I’ll learn,
And remember to pray,
For the strength and the patience,
To do it God’s way.

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