I haven’t had much time for blogging lately, building work has taken over our lives and we are just keeping our heads down until the extension is finished and we can move into the new kitchen. Hopefully the main build will be completed by mid October. We’ve just learnt though that we will be without a kitchen for about a month, during September, so that should be interesting!

Anyway, back to the title of my post, about my propensity to wear long skirts. I’ve been asked the questions a few times and so I thought it time I wrote a post on it. I’ve been wearing longish skirts for over a decade, before that I just wore jeans. You see, one day I was considering Phil’s and my clothes and I realised that we wore exactly the same clothes, jeans and blue tops, the only difference was, mine were smaller! I decided that I would like to look a bit more feminine, but I didn’t have time to put together pretty outfits, so my jeans were swapped for long denim skirts and it’s remained that way since.

I don’t really have any time to consider what I might wear each day, nor am I really bothered, so having a simplified style of dress makes the task of getting dressed extremely fast, which is rather necessary in this house 😁.

I was thinking about my clothes this week because my 2 denim skirts, which I wear in rotation, are either stained or have holes in them, so shopping has been required. Now, how do I find such unfashionable, or should I say vintage clothing?! eBay is my go to. I search in long denim skirt size 10 and within 5 minutes I have 2 skirts, for a total of less than £20, coming my way. They should last me another couple of years. Maybe one day I’ll have time to consider what I wear more carefully, but now definitely isn’t the time.

How do I stay warm in the winter? I wear thermal leggings under my skirt and long brown boots. To be honest I wear thermals nearly all year because I suffer with Raynaud’s and so my core has to stay warm or my fingers and toes go white and start to hurt.

Are skirts practical? I think denim anything is practical and so fabric wise, they’re great. I suspect some people might find they get in the way, but I’ve never been bothered and I appreciate the modesty the extra fabric gives.

The more I’ve worn skirts the more comfortable I feel in them, I have worn shorter skirts and trousers, but rarely. I wear thin trousers for walks in long grass during the summer and I have one shorter skirt I bought in charity shop, but it’s too pretty for every day use.

I’ve put up this post with the awareness that our new revisit TV programme will be out soon (we’ll let you know the date), and people will be busy googling us again with curious questions, so hopefully this will answer one of the commonly asked questions. Many people think that we are Brethens, or Plymouth Brethren’s because I wear a head covering and a long skirt, but hopefully this post explains that it’s not really a faith based decision, just a personal preference.

Hopefully I’ll find some more time to blog over the next few weeks. Does anyone have any posts they’d like to particularly see?

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3 thoughts on “Why do I Wear Long Skirts?

  1. Lorraine [Laurie] Everitt says:

    Hi Vicki. I love reading your posts and seeing any pictures you add.

    I feel for you living with building work and having children around it all. Thirty three years ago I moved into a building site with only four small children. We had bought an old Victorian house that needed absolutely everything done to make it habitable. We thought God’s plan was for us to give a home to others who needed a home for a while. However, after just three years, our marriage was over and we’d failed. Fortunately a teenage mum and her baby and another young man had been with us.

    Did we hear the wrong thing from God? I’m not sure that we did, as many people from church supported us in every way, My then husband and I were a disaster though. It broke me completely. That’s history but I have been privileged to be able to continue giving a home to several people over many years and still do. God mended me and continues to do so.

    You and Phil are so rooted in God and live your lives knowing that he is your strength and provider. You are incredible and your family shine for him.

    It’s funny you are writing about clothes in this post. I remember balancing on rafters, whilst knocking down a lathe and plaster ceiling, wearing a long denim skirt. How inappropriate. I was absolutely black by the time I had finished. The plaster was made of all sorts of gunk, including horse hair. The reason I was so inappropriately dressed was because I felt too fat to be seen in jeans. In fact I didn’t own a pair of jeans until my marriage broke down, by then I weighed 7st 12lbs.

    I envy, oops that’s a sin, your view on how to dress. I’m working towards it, after a lifetime of eating disorders. A work in progress. On Tuesday I went to a prayer time in the Prayer Room, looking like Olive Oil in a hot air balloon. I had cold feet so I’d dashed out wearing furry boots, leggings and a massive tunic top to cover the bulges. It’s very fortunate that I don’t go anywhere much.

    Your attitude is wonderful and you are inspirational. Building sites do change and you will have a beautiful home in the Autumn. I know who you’ll make the Cornerstone.

    Lots of love to you all xx

    • Laurie, thank you so much for your comment, it really touched my heart. You are a born encourager. I know your words and encouragement have impacted us in such a wonderful way and I’m sure that is true for all the people whose lives have been touched by your love. Praying for you my friend, Vicki xxx

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