So much washing! After grumbling to myself about the amount of washing and clothes in our home, I realised that before the Fall there were no clothes and therefore no washing! Wouldn’t that be bliss! Since we no longer live in Eden ‘pre Fall’ and we are not yet in Heaven, we live in this in between stage with all the mess that brings. Jesus is with us though, in our daily challenges, by His Holy Sprit, helping us, but the tasks of each day still remain. He uses these tasks to draw us to Him. Each job can be looked on as a burden or an offering. I find that by turning my thinking round each job takes on a new dimension. Are these tasks just tasks or can they be a route to developing a closer walk with God?

I believe that everything can draw us to God. As I put away clothes I can pray for the person whose clothes I am folding, as I prepare a meal I can thank God for the food and pray for the blessing of rich conversation around the meal table, as I wipe up the messes I can be thankful for a home where the messes are made and for each little one who is still learning how to be tidy.

I’m certainly still learning and I’m so grateful that God hasn’t given up on me, despite my messy nature! Maybe one day I’ll learn to be tidy, but until then I’ll try to give thanks for everything.

‘give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.’ 1 Thessalonians 5:18


Every day’s wash day in this place,
If it were a contest, I’d have lost the race.
I turn my back, and the wash pile grows,
How it does it, nobody knows.

The mounting pile is becoming a habit,
It seems to breed much faster than rabbits,
It grows under the beds and on the floors,
Stuffed into cupboards behind the doors.

So I dwelt on the clothes in the wee small hours,
As my face looked grim and my temper sour,
Each pile of clothes had a story to share,
Of a Mum whose shoulders the weight couldn’t bear.

I thought, ‘this great pile, I can’t conquer it all,’
Then God spoke to my heart, told me of the Fall.
Now I know where it comes from, it’s because of the tree,
It was written in Scripture in Genesis 3.

In Luke 24 we see that reversed,
As Jesus has risen we’re not under the curse,
But until his return we need help with these tasks,
But he’ll carry and help us, we just need to ask.

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