As I’m leaving Facebook I am finding my favourite, relevant posts and moving some of them over here. I don’t want the negatives that come with social media, but I also don’t want to lose so many memories.

As this blog is our story I will selectively share those special memories, for my own record and for anyone who is joining us who was not on Facebook when I shared this.

November 17th 2020

20 years ago today Phil made me the happiest girl in world. He got down on one knee in the grounds of Scarborough Castle, overlooking the sea and asked me to marry him. After telling me how much he loved me, and made him happy, for 40 long minutes, I was thinking, now would be a good time to propose, but never once did I think he would have organised it and had the ring in his pocket. Phil always had a rule that if I mentioned marriage he wouldn’t propose for at least 6 months, as he wanted it to be his idea, so I kept quiet and waited! He was definitely worth waiting for. He has made me happier than I could ever imagine. Just like this frame, which has sat on our mantelpiece for 20 years, our life isn’t all neat and tidy, but like the smiling faces in this photo suggest, we are happier than ever, adventuring through life together. I thank God for that day, at the Norland Ball, when I landed on Phil’s lap and told him he was lovely, he still is the loveliest person I know. 🥰

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