Winter’s always hard work. I love cosy evenings by the log burner, apple pies and hot chocolate, but I don’t love spending half an hour getting us all ready to go outside! Getting small children ready to face the winter cold is an uphill challenge. Somehow when it’s time to go out, at least one child has always lost either a boot, glove or hat. Since we now have a bigger house we have more places that these missing items might be. Every year I refine our systems for storing winter wear, but small children thwart every system with their busy minds which live in the moment, and they frequently forget to put things where they belong 🙂.

With the lockdowns we have been so grateful to be here. Winter in Epsom, in our old house, would have driven us all crazy. It’s noisy enough here, but at least the children have plenty of space to play, even indoors.

This week though, we have really started to feel that we have left the winter season behind. The days are longer and warmer and often coats have been unnecessary.

With Spring now here (maybe not officially, but the flowers operate by a more natural calendar) we have been busy planting seeds and preparing the vegetable beds. This week we also had some fencing redone, with the hope of helping Sherlock to stay out of the vegetable garden! This weekend Mary and Martha our cows, will go out into the fields for the first time since Autumn. I’ll try and share a video very soon of their response to freedom! Our evenings have been easier too. We have even been able to go outside after tea and enjoy watching the sunset.


The Garden Awakes

Cherry blossom, Daffodils,
snow drops, spring bulbs,
Springing up, bringing colour,
Cheering up the winter pallor.

Growing grass, buds forming
Trees reaching, branches yawning,
Seedlings popping up their heads,
Waking from their winter beds.

Sunshine pushing through the clouds,
As winter lifts its frozen shroud,
Warmer days and longer evenings,
Winter’s bite is quickly leaving.

Coats forgotten, gloves are stored,
Hats and scarves can be ignored,
Just open doors and run outside,
Embrace the seasons God provides.

4 thoughts on “Embracing the Season

  1. Isn’t it wonderful! Spring is when I feel revived. I feel Gods presence in every moment through the miracle of nature. My mood lifts & excitement for the fun family times ahead rises. Praise God for his wonderful creations

  2. Emily Harris says:

    I’ve just been catching up on your blog & it’s simply wonderful. Thank you & big big love to you all xxxxxxxxxx

    • Emily, so good to hear from you 😊. Thank you for visiting our blog and dropping us a comment. I hope you and the family are well. Much love Vicki x

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