You’d have thought, after my last post, today might have been quite emotionally draining. I think in a way though, writing down my memories yesterday released the emotions that would otherwise have leaked out today. Instead, God has given me a renewed sense of joy.

God spoke to my heart so clearly today, during our family worship time. Firstly we read some of Proverbs 31, when it says, ‘She is clothed with strength and dignity and can laugh at the days to come.’ Do we laugh at the days to come? It almost feels disrespectful to laugh at the moment, but I think God is calling his children to live with joy, not fear. and the physical outlet of joy is laughter. I think many of us may fear the days to come, but this is not how it needs to be.

Dignity is the other character quality mentioned here. According to Strong’s concordance, it means honour and glory. We are clothed with this glory when we look up at Christ and we don’t focus our thoughts too much on the things of the world. This is something I am learning every day. The news pushed out by the media is ever shocking and quick to change, almost addictive in nature, it can consume my thoughts and steal my joy.

Clothing is often used, in the Bible, to help us to understand a Biblical concept, for example, we are clothed in Christ’s righteousness and we are clothed in his armour. The clothing that this verse speaks of Proverbs 31, is strength, the inner strength of a heart yielded to God’s plans. We are not strong when we lean on our own understanding and our own plans, or when we see only what the world sees. Our strength comes instead when we look to Christ and live in the strength he gives us, by his Holy Spirit.

Thankfully, God knows my weaknesses though and today spoke to my heart, he reminded me that the days ahead may be turbulent, but as God’s children, clothed in his strength and glory, we can not just let go of fear for the future, as we turn to him, we can laugh at the days to come.

As our family service went on, God continued to help me to understand how he wants me to live in these days. One of the songs we sang today was ‘My Lighthouse’. Again God ministered deeply to my soul through this song. The words, ‘I won’t fear what tomorrow brings,’ stood out clearly as words for me to take seriously. Will we fear for the future, or will we trust that, as the song goes on to say, ‘my God’s love will lead me through, you are the peace in my troubled sea’? We are living in such troubled times and yet God is still holding us, guiding us and reminding us not to fear.

Don’t you love it when you know God has spoken to your heart? He is so kind and will continue, if we seek him, to lead us through these days without fear and with the peace of trusting in him and his good plans for us.

4 thoughts on “Learning to laugh

  1. Anna Collins says:

    Hey Vicki. I just love reading your blog. Soo open and honest and full of wisdom. God bless you as you and you’re gorgeous family travel this journey of faith xx

    • I love to hear from you Anna, and I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog. I’m finding the writing really fulfilling and I am loving connecting with old friends and new. At a time when we are all separated, I love to find a way to make connections. Many blessings to you all, xxx.

  2. John and Valerie Pitt says:

    Hi Vicky and Phil
    We’ve just enjoyed watching “A Country Life at half the price” and are delighted you are enjoying Shropshire. We moved from Epsom to Shrewsbury in 2009 and have not regretted it one bit. I think you only had 4 children when we last saw you!
    God bless you all, John and Valerie

  3. John and Valerie, how lovely to hear from you! I’m so pleased you found us here at our blog. Shropshire is very beautiful and we rather feel like we have found a ‘hidden gem’. I hope the children are well. Please say hello to Tim, as we fondly remember his faith filled input to our youth group. Many blessings, Phil and Vicki

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