When we first saw our home we fell in love with it. It was not its beauty that drew us in though, but a calling, a vision, a sense of ‘knowing’ that this was where we should live. We have always loved the plot and location, but we knew that the house needed some TLC.

TLC would be a mild description of the complete overhaul required to make our house the home we dream of, but until then, home is where the heart is, and our heart is here. I somehow love the anaglypta wallpaper and the pub carpets. Upstairs in particular reminds me of a 1970s B and B, with its bedrooms off corridors and landing bathrooms. When we do start to renovate I think I’ll miss the drinks cabinet left here, which is reminiscent of something Margo and Jerry might have had in ‘The Good Life’, but it won’t fit in in the room my imagination is picturing.

The house has numerous projects needed which we are now beginning to work on. The first one began this week. Our house has had a nose job!

All week long three great window fitters and our fab builder have destroyed and rebuilt part of our home. Nearly all the windows have been removed and refitted and the pointed section in middle of the front of the house (which was a design feature added in the 1960s) removed.

There is of course inevitably some scarring, but when the whole house is rerendered in the summertime it will look like it was never there.

We are already feeling the benefits of the new windows. As I stand next to them the whistling wind doesn’t come through and make me shiver. They also all shut and lock, how exciting is that!

Now we’ve begun, we are all full of enthusiasm to see this lovely old farmhouse being given a new lease of life. We’re aiming to hold onto the best of the original features of the house, whilst updating it to make it run in a more energy efficient way. Onward and upward, we’re now making plans for phase 2….bathrooms…we’ll keep you posted 🙂.

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