All of our lives are all full of screens at the moment. Many of us are spending hours on Zoom or Teams or social media. What is a parent to do when our children’s lives are ruled by screens?

Our family’s solutions have been hobbies, as well as our normal family mealtimes and going outside for as much fresh air as we can manage (the recent snow was very motivating for sledging and snowman building).

It is only Jonathan and Madeleine, who are doing online school and who spend many hours every school day on a screen, so we tailored our solutions to their unique personalities. Jonathan has turned one of our stables into a worskshop, where he has been busy creating mobile phone stands and working on his GCSE Design and Technology project.

Madeleine has set up an online business, making headbands, which is developing her business and sewing skills simultaneously. Although this initially required a little screen time to set it up, it is now up and running and her time is spent sewing and coming up with new product ideas.

It was through reading an article in the papers today about the toxic effects of screen time and the potential long term damage that got me thinking about this subject. I was inspired to write the following poem.


Screens control us,
They shape our lives,
Without our screens,
Could we survive?

Our minds are ruled,
By pings and apps,
As all day long,
Our fingers tap.

Our children watch us,
Learn our ways,
We must look up,
Without delay.

Turn off the tech,
And take a walk,
Spend time together,
Make space to talk.

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