Today was all about the pigs. Phil drove over to the abattoir to collect the bacon and gammon joints.

Just before Christmas our 2 boy pigs, aged 29 weeks, went off to the abattoir where they were humanely turned from pigs to meat. The youngest children went with him and thankfully were completely unperturbed by their pigs’ departure. They actually said they were looking forward to the sausages! I was a vegetarian before I met Phil, so I’m by far the most likely to struggle eating our home grown meat. Knowing the animals have been well cared for though, able to use their natural instincts and then killed humanely enables me to eat them quite peacefully.

Our first pig meat came back about a week after we took them, as sausages and pork joints. Today we collected the bacon and gammon, which took longer because of the curing process. We now have just over one thousand sausages in the freezer, a huge box of bacon and multiple joints. We should be set up for about a year, until we breed from our girl pigs and their babies have grown enough. We need to start thinking about introducing them to a boar very soon. Another job on the ever growing list!

We’re now able to enjoy weekly toad in the hole, bacon and egg muffins for Saturday breakfast (with eggs from our own chickens) and a roast joint on a Sunday.

Cost wise, once you add up all the expenses, the meat comes out at a similar price to the supermarket standard range, but it is a much better product, tender sausages with no surprises in them! We also know the provenance of the meat, which is something we place a high value on.

With two chest freezers fairly full of pork, eggs from the chickens and milk from the cow we’re in a good position during the current lockdown. We just need to get the seedlings going now (I’m working on that, veggie growing is a work in progress😉). We are so thankful to God for his continued provision and we know that he is helping us every step of the way. We are learning so much every day, it’s a giant adventure, but then life with Jesus always is.

14 thoughts on “Bringing home the bacon

  1. Hi Vicki, Phil and all the family!

    Lovely to hear your news and how your life in the country is developing! Such exciting adventures for you all! I grew up on a farm so have an affinity with the countryside.

    I look forward to reading further news.

    Much love from all the Thornton’s x

  2. Hi Vicky Yes I’d like to receive your updates. This is new to us but it seems really good and informative. God bless you all Jenny x

      • Shanta Larner says:

        I can’t believe how much meat you get from 2 pigs. Nothing beats eating your own produce knowing what went into making it. Enjoy 😋

        • We love the meat and I’m very thankful the children love eating it, despite naming the pigs after the Flumps! Naming them Pootle and Perkins has in no way dissuaded them from enjoying them. 😊

  3. Julie Norgrove says:

    Hi Vicky
    Wow I think this is all so amazing.. look forward to following u God willing and seeing your progress.
    Love in Chris
    Julie xx

  4. Nicola Collins says:

    Hi Vicky, my technically challenged fingers have worked out how to follow your blog! Yippee, looking forward to seeing pictures of you barbecuing those sausages!!!

  5. Lorraine [Laurie] Everitt says:

    Wow. Phil, a proper pig farmer.
    I would love to follow your blog and check out how things are going for you all.
    I’ve often wondered how one writes a blog so I’ll read and learn.
    Love to you all.
    Laurie x

    • We’re learning as we go. I’ve had to ditch Facebook to focus on this, in part because my brain space needed to make room! Trying to get my head around new things takes time and focus, something I struggle to find. Evenings are less busy in lockdown, so I’m treasuring the time to spend time learning how to blog and writing about our journey.

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