He was sitting with a Gin and Tonic in hand, relaxing back in his chair, watching the celebrations unfolding, unaware of the tornado of fun spinning his way, ready to sweep into his life and turn it upside down. His sensible and predictable life was about to change forever.

As the music played, a young girl came spinning in his direction, losing her balance she fell into his lap, looking up into his eyes she declared, “you’re lovely!” And the rest, as they say, is history.

That was me, twenty-five years ago today. Admittedly I’d had a more than my fair share of Malibu (what was I thinking) and may have not been entirely sober, but God orchestrated my steps and allowed me to fall into the safest pair of arms.

In three days time we’ll celebrate our twenty-second wedding anniversary, but there’s something about the anniversary of the day we met which brings me particular joy. Our wedding day was organised by us, but I feel like our meeting was entirely organised by God. It was a meeting made in Heaven and I think the angels were smiling that day.

2 thoughts on “How We Met

  1. Baruch ata Adonai, m’sameiach chatan im hakalah.
    Blessed are You, LORD, our God, sovereign of the universe,
    who created joy and gladness, groom and bride,
    mirth, song, delight and rejoicing,
    love and harmony and peace and companionship.

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