I have to say – phoning a company and asking if they can come and trim my cow’s hooves was not something that I ever thought I would need to do. However, our life now is really not what it ever used to be so last week, I was calling a company to ask if they could trim my cow’s hooves!

Mary being trimmed!


Shropshire Hoof Care came to our smallholding. We met Adrian as he was coming down the drive and he said to me – “am I really in the right place? It’s far too clean!” I laughed.

He set up in our courtyard and we then led both Martha and Mary out of the field and to his setup.

I was most impressed and Mary didn’t seem to mind at all! Martha is clearly too young so didn’t have to have it done.

Mary being trimmed!

2 thoughts on “A life full of firsts!

  1. Hugo van der Meer ( Derbyshire UK) says:

    Absolutely marvelously uplifting to read about your new life and also watch your move and the catch up programme. Utterly inspirational. God is good always. God bless you all.

  2. Phil and Vicki says:

    Thank you for your kind comment. We’re so pleased you enjoyed the programme and our wonderful God has been glorified through it. Sending blessings, Phil and Vicki

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